Please do not touch the paintings or other exhibits, and do not cross barriers.

“A frenzy exultations she commands with soft vibrations
that induce a meditation
from her touch, ah! from her vivifying touch upon my skin.”

Two strangers and the illusion of a life lived together.

An intimate look at the man behind Liverpool’s last-minute magic.

A paranormal entity offers a lost boy an identity in the form on an Avirex jacket as The Gift blends Grime with surrealism, exploring the theme of identity and the dark external forces that chose to influence and manipulate the genre.

A seemingly composed man whose battle with his inner thoughts leads to a dark and truthful outburst when talking to an old friend.

In 2008, 20 year-old Brenda Birungi got into a fight in a nightclub to protect her sister. With no previous convictions, Brenda ended up serving 11 months in prison. It altered the course of her life.

In Unchained we hear from:
Paula, who called the police to her house 9 times to report domestic violence in the year before her arrest;
Amanda, who became a sex worker to support her partner’s drug use;
Krystal, who was arrested after stealing a duvet for her child;
Georgia, who was left to fend for herself at 15 while her single mum served a 3 month sentence.

All statistics in this documentary come from research by Women in Prison.

Producer: Jessie Lawson
Sound Design: Axel Kacoutié
A Prison Radio Association production for BBC Radio 4

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Taking the themes and dreams of the Small Axe film series to tell the everyday stories of Black Britons through generations and shine a light on those imagining a better future.

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We are wrong to look for uniformity and objectivity. We have all mapped associations to what our subjective experience is like.

My experience of the colour red is different from yours. Our brains light up the same way when hearing water but our relationship to its sounds will never be the same.

Because of this, I wanted to illustrate how I’ve mapped mine using abstract terms like solitude, sunbathing, patricide etc. All as an attempt to say, “you don’t have to understand, I just want to connect and have you see (listen) how I relate to the world.”

Axel Kacoutié was the Creative Director of Sound for Guardian Podcasts working with the wider production team levelling up current offerings as well as developing the sonic identity of new shows.

They were also the award-winning lead Sound Designer for the Guardian’s daily news podcast, Today in Focus.


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