Monocle Films has partnered with Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau to reveal hidden gems through the eyes of local creatives.

The distinctive designs of House A Sauvage fuse elegant British tailoring with the laid-back lifestyle of Beverly Hills.

We meet founder Adrien Sauvage who takes us on a tour around this dazzling city that fuels his imagination and allows him to dream.

Perched above the buzz of Beverly Hills sits Casa Perfect, a gallery of contemporary design set in a spectacular modernist home.

Its founder David Alhadeff shows us the wealth of remarkable art and architecture that is to be found in the varied neighbourhoods of this sunny city.


Music Video – 5am

Music Video – Flooded

Music Video – PMW

What art thou?

Please do not touch the paintings or other exhibits, and do not cross barriers.

“A frenzy exultations she commands with soft vibrations
that induce a meditation
from her touch, ah! from her vivifying touch upon my skin.”

Two strangers and the illusion of a life lived together.

“All that’s drunk and high, All that’s sexy and clots. All that’s loose and tight, all that withers and rots, Let them in, let them in.

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Waking in the Temple by Axel Kacoutié (the signal house edition issue #5)

Reframing The Black Image – Pioneers of The Past w/ Alayo Akinkugbe; Renata Cherlise; Theo Imani & Osei Bonsu

Made in Partnership with Vibe Called Tech for The North Face and Gucci collaboration, Pioneers of the Past is a celebration of four talents who are remapping and rethinking how the Black image is presented in fine and contemporary art. In this special programme to celebrate Stance’s 4th Birthday, we talk to four curators and visual researchers who are defining new ways of looking and seeing the Black image in visual arts.

Jazz Grant Collage of Osei Bonsu

An intimate look at the man behind Liverpool’s last-minute magic.