Soundhouse: Intimacy and Distance

Designed to listen to audio from around the world and explore ideas of intimacy and distance, the Soundhouse ‘listening rooms’ was curated by audio artists, Ariana Martinez, Axel Kacoutié and Arlie Adlington.

Soundhouse: Intimacy and Distance took place from 28 October 2020 until 28 February 2021

Room OneTranscript

And Again by Axel Kacoutié

Room One – “Art isn’t made to experience only once…this curation is an invitation to pause.”


About Soundhouse

Soundhouse is a platform for creative radio and podcasting, and a space for reflections on audio culture.

In 2018 it took the form of a pop-up venue at the Barbican, with a focus on communal listening and experimental events in a sensory environment for sound. This year, Soundhouse exists here online, and we explore ideas of Intimacy and Distance through three ‘listening rooms’, and four specially commissioned pieces of writing.

Co-creators Eleanor McDowall and Nina Garthwaite write here about why this theme felt apt for the ‘socially distanced world’ many of us are living in, and how ideas of intimacy and distance have always been intertwined with the way we experience radio.

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Credits: Curation

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